Advanced commands Linux

Hi to all  on 21 feb 2010 i took class on kanchilug about linux commands and explain their uses

Linux Basic Usages

Linux Logins

Based on virtual terminal

Ctrl+alt+f1    f2,f3,f4,f5,f6 (change to virtual terminal)

Ctrl+alt+f7 (GUI)

#tty   –  Tele terminal (identify in which terminal)

clear (or) ctrl+l   –  Clear the window in terminal

#ctrl+shift+n  –  New window terminal

#reboot  –  Restart the computer

#poweroff  –  Turn of computer

Linux File System

/ -Mounting file system(default)

There are 21 default directories in linux

/bin  –  It is used to manage shells &local users

/boot  –  Kernal loader & booting file system

/dev  –  Device & drivers in computer

/etc  –  Main configuration file system (DNS,DHCP)

/home  –  Local users home directory

/lib  –  Library files

/lost+found  –  Recycle bin

/media  –  Mounting device for removable media

/misc  –  Server mounting directories

/mnt  –  Server mounting directories

/net  –  Network file system

/opt  –  Server mounting directories

/proc  –  Current process information

/root  –  Root home directory (admin)

/sbin  –  Source binary code(root binary code-recover)

/selinux  –  Security enhanced linux

/srv  –  Server files

/sys  –  System files

/tmp  –  temporary files

/usr  –  Current user files

/var  –  Server mount directory(application storage)

Basic Commands

User Creation(in root only)

#useradd  username(ex:guest)   -create the user

#userpasswd  username(ex:guest)   -set the user password

New passwd : Type your password

# su  – username(ex:guest)  -(su-switch user changes to other user)

#userdel  username(ex:guest)  -Delete the user

#ls  /home   -check how many user in terminal

#mkdir  foldername   -Create a folder

#mkdir  folder{1,2,3,4,5}  -Create multiple folder  in a single cmd

#pwd   -check the present working directory

#touch  filename   -Create a file

#touch file{1,2,3,4,5}  -Create multiple file in a single cmd

User Group & Permission

1     2     3                 1      2     3

Anderson   –  d rwx   r-x   —         – rw-   r–  r–

Trusted      –  d  rwx   r-x  r-x          – rw-   r–  r–

Failsafe      –   d rwx   —   —           – rw-   —   —

d    –  directory

–          –  file

1.rwx  -users(u)

2.rwx  -groups(g)

3.rwx   -others(o)

Symbolic Method

d  rwx   r-x  r-x  ?

#chmod   u-w,g+w,o+w   filename

::d  r-x   rwx  rwx

Numeric Method

4– Read


1- Execute

7-   rwx

6-   rw-

5-   r-x

4-   r–

3-   -wx

2    -w-

1    –x

0         —

#chmod   777 filename

:: -rwx rwx rwx

# chmod   444 foldername

:: d r—r—r—

#ls                 – List no of files & directories

#ls   – ld        – List the permission of present directory

#ls   -lh         – List the al files an folders in that directory


Yaassir arrafath


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Yaassir Arrafath.A

Fuel Meet on december :

December 14, 2009

Frequently Used Entries For Localisation (FUEL)

நாம் குனு லினக்ஸ் பணிச் சூழல்களை அன்றாடம் பயன்படுத்துகிற போது அதிகம் காண நேரிடும் சொற்களையும் சொற்றொடர்களையும் தொகுத்து அவற்றுக்கு நிகரான பிறமொழிச் சொல்லாக்க முயற்சியில் ஈடுபட்டு வருகிறது. இவை பெடோரா குழுமத்திற்கே அன்றி அனைத்து கட்டற்ற மென்பொருள்களின் மொழிபெயர்ப்பு முயற்சிகளுக்கும் பயனளிக்கக் கூடியவை. இத்திட்டம்  FUEL  என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது.

we sucessfully finished the FUEL  meeting on 12.12.09 & 13.12.09 at CDAC in STPI,(opp – Tidal park), Time : to

ya its gone well,
we have gone through so many suggestions on both days,
we successfully completed the  first 580 fuel entry words  translation from english to tamil with in two days.

some of the words are  so challenged for us, we also completed those words.

some of the persons are giving thier suggestions in the IRC also,
we got more supports on both days,

persons who supports for FUEL :

1. Mr. M. sri Ramadass – Ubuntu Tamil Group.
2. Mr.Felix – RedHat.
3. Mr. Shrinivasan – CDAC.
4. Mr. Sudharsan – CDAC.
5. Mr. Gurumoorthi – Kumaraguru coll., coimbutore.
6. Mr. Nackeeran – Tamil Virtual University.
7. Mr. Arun – ilugc member.

some of the persons gave their suggestions via IRC :

1. Mr. Padhu – ooty.
2. Mr. Prajesh – kerala
3. Mr. Vasu – Doctor
4. Ms. Malathi – Kanchi Lug
5. Ms. Suji – Kanchi Lug
6. SSN eng col friends

KanchiLug Members :

1. Mr. RajKumar.
2. Mr. Shanmugam.
3. Mr. Bala Krishnan.
4. Mr. Praveen.
5. Mr. Nagarajan.
6. Mr. Elango
7. Mr. Yaassir Arrafath.

8. Mr. Suresh.

9. Ms. Ramya.
10. Ms. Maha Lakshmi.

To visit the fuel conversations :

thanks to all who supports…….

Yaassir arrafath.A

Ubuntu 9.10 Release Party at Kanchipuram :

Ubuntu 9.10 Release Party at Kanchipuram

KanchiLUG – Kanchi Linux User Group, celebrated the Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Karmic Koala Release on Last Sunday, November 29, 2009 with a small release party.

KanchiLUG – a small group of energetic young students, is doing wonderful activities that all LUGs do. Inspired by ChennaiLUG, we conduct regular meetings, discuss in mailing list, share CD/DVDs, Take classes, Give Talks to colleges, Participate in FOSS events.

We spend our beautiful evenings of all Sundays in LUG Meets. Initially, we used to meet in the green gardens of Temples. Sooner, we needed a place with electricity to show demos. Some students came with their laptop to have live demonstrations of various FOSS tools.

We approached many schools. Atlast, we got a tuition center donated. It is a great place with ambient environment like house, with electricity.  We have crossed 35 weekly meetings there.

We all use Ubuntu Linux for all our activities. We installed ubuntu linux in our colleges and friends machines. We came to know that Ubuntu Community is conducting “Ubuntu Release Party” all over the world. Yes. It is the time to join with the community to celebrate the release of wonderful linux distribution Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.

We discussed about this. Talks blended into actions. The theme of this party is to introduce Ubuntu to the public  and newbies. We requested all our members to bring atleast one new user to the party.

Date and place were hard to decide. As November month is making us busy with semester exams, we planned to have the party on November 29, 2009 3.00 – 5.00 pm.

Place? Kanchipuram is a big city with many schools, colleges and public halls. We approached all resources with our references. Mr. Jothi, volunteered to arrange a hall in PTVS school.

Mr.Saravanan donated his LCD projector to make the show. Wow. It was a great news. Poster was prepared and circulated in the mailing list. We invited school/college students and Government officers.

We planned the events and talks. Volunteers picked up their roles in the show and prepared well.

The Party day dawn. Everyone was thrilled as this is our very first public show. We are not big public speakers. Filled with fear, we scared  each other. But still, we decided to show our best.

One team went to arrange the hall. Fixed the projector, Pasted banners and posters on the hall and made a dark room for clear visibility of the projected screen.

Other team arranged for Tea and snacks. Ubuntu-tam team helped us by giving bunch of ubuntu Cds to make the show.

The clock showed 3.00 pm. The hall got only known faces. Will we get new faces? Yes. Slowly we got the crowd. Around 3.20, the hall is filled with 55 members. The crowd had guys, girls, students, public, businessmen. For our surprise, Mr.Thyagarajan, from Chennai Linux User Group, entered the hall.

Priya, started her compiring at 3.30 pm. The show started.

Selvamani gave introductory talk. He explained about Linux, Ubuntu and the release party.

Logesh explained about Free Open Source Software, the need of FOSS, the history of Linux,  GNU, GPL and the advantages and powers we get from using Linux.

Rajkumar came up with the Graphical User Interface show. Audience showed their “Wow” on seeing the compiz animations. He demonstrated MySQL, Gimp, OpenOffice, 3D games.
This show impressed the people and they started to realise that Linux is more user friendly.

Balakrishnan explained the History of Ubuntu. He narrated the Ubuntu release cycle, version-name conventions.

Praveen spoke about the community support to the Linux. He explained about the mailing lists, IRC, forums and Linux User Groups. He shared his thoughts on how easy is to get support for linux.

Audience used to keep on listening to the talks. One team provided them tea and snacks to get some refreshment.

Dhasthageer demonstrated the Ubuntu Installation. From Bios, LiveCD, Install screen, the 7 steps,  Dual Boot, Partitioning, Adding user, Sudo, to Complete Installation. People cant believe that Ubuntu Installed in 10 Mins. But we showed the wonder.

Here, Mr.Thyagarajan, came up with his “Stellarium demo”. Stellarium is a astronomical software which can show the sky, all the planets, all the universe. He demonstrated with various objects in the universe. He explained how Free Open Source Software can be helpful to the school and college students to learn the things practically.

He requested students to participate in various open source projects and explained how contributing to community will increase their knowledge and job opportunities.

He showed the irritating expired messages in Antivirus software in Windows and suggested to be free from all killing irritations by using Linux.

He released the “Ubuntu 9.10 Cd” and Rajkumar received that copy.

Shrinivasan,  handled the Q/A session. We got many questions from the audience. The Alternate softwares to famous commercial softwares, Business Model of Free Software, Custom application development, Getting Local Support, The Job Opportunities are the areas he answered.

It was pleasure when he told that KanchiLUG is the first team to celebrate Ubuntu 9.10 release party in India.

He thanked the audience and the KanchiLUG Team.

We announced the upcoming FOSS expo and requested the audience to participate in the events, meetings and mailing list.

Rajkumar and Dhasthageer shared their mobile no to the audience and requested to call them  for getting support.

We had a stall to sell Ubuntu Cds and had a decent sale. All the sale amount is given to Ubuntu-Tam  team for its various activities.

The show ended on 6.00 pm. We had a wonderful evening. Thanks for the donations for the hall, projector and snacks.

We realised that each small effort can do wonders, when shared. Yes. This is how the GNU/Linux Lives.

Here are some more snaps :

We blog our activities at
Join our mailing list at

thanks to all who supports…….

Yaassir arrafath.A

KLUG : FOSS stalls in BIOS 09 Symposium,SCSVMV University :

Date : 08  / 10 / 09 People : 12
Location : SCSVMV (Sankara University),Kanchipuram

BIOS event in SCSVMV

Kanchilug members were went to participate the BIOS event (symposium) and we put 10 stalls about opensource software .

Stalls are

1. Desktop animations (Compixconfig-settings manager)

– Rajkumar

2. FOSS Speech

-Logeshprabu, Dhasthagheer

3. OpenOffice  (Writer,Calc,Impress)

– Kumaran, Venkatesan

4. GIMP  &  Inkscape

– Praveen

5. Python  &  Glade

– Rajeshwari

6. Tamil Font Creation

– Malathi

7. Various Distribution Installation (Ubuntu9.04, LinuxMint7.0, Fedora10&11)

– Yaassir Arrafath

8. How to get support?

– Suji

9. Various Distribution’s  OS CD’s & DVD’s Sales

*Ubuntu 8.04 -6 package DVD’s

*Ubunt 9.04 CD

*Linux Mint 7.0 Gloria  CD

*Fedora 10  &  11  DVD

– Mahalakshmi

we  had only 4 laptops so they provided us 6 more systems.

And then student coordinator asked us to take seminar about  FOSS speech in stage.

so Lokeshprabu  gave seminar on “Why Linux”.


Date : 09  / 10 / 09 People : 11

Guest : Mr. Ramdhas

Stalls are

1. Desktop animations (Compixconfig-settings manager)

– Praveen

2. FOSS Speech


3. OpenOffice  (Writer,Calc,Impress)

– Kumaran , Elango

4. GI(MP  &  Inkscape

– Priya, Udaya

5. Python  &  Glade

– Rajeshwari

6. MySql  and 3D Games

– Suji

7. Various Distribution Installation (Ubuntu9.04, LinuxMint7.0, Fedora10&11)

– Yaassir arrafath, Balakrishnan

8. How to get support?

– Malathi

9. Various Distribution’s  OS CD’s & DVD’s Sales

– Yaassir arrafath

Mr. Ramdhas  gave the Lecture about FOSS and also he was the judge the Debate (Proparitary Vs Opensource).

from Kanchilug , we four people (Arulalan, Suji, Malathi, Praveen) argued for the  Opensource.

Final judgement is Opensource and we got the prize also

In these two days Kanchilug people spoke in fully English.

and Balakrishnan explained about installation also in Telugu.

Mr.Ramdhas gave the empty CD’s and DVD’s to us.

that CD’s we write OS and sold .

We planned to give the  amount to “Tamil – Ubuntu -Team”

By this way, we enjoyed in these two days

Thanks to BIOS 09 team.

and very thanks to BIOS 09 coordinator Mr.Ullas and Mr. Siva to gave this wonderful opportunity to  us.

thanks to all who supports…….

Yaassir arrafath

To view more photos :

visit Link :


Software Freedom Day 2009 :

Hi guys,

on 19.09.2009 ,  Software Freedom Day ‘09 was celebrated very grandly in chennai.

from kanchi Lug , totally 18 members participated in SFD.

we went to Birla Planetarium around 9 am.

many students were presented and Mr.Raman guide us.

shortly, we all people arranged stalls by using tables . They provided power cable .  All students ping together , and connected  power supply to our laptops.

Around 9.30am , public were started to visit our sfd stalls.

Kanchi Lug Members :18

Rajkumar, Dasthageer, Selvamani , Manikandan , Loganathan , Logesh , Athi, Ezhil , Jegan, Elango, Praveen , Yaassir arrafath , Balakrishnan , Priya , Udhaya , Rajeshwari , Nandhakumar and Arulalan.

All of us put stall in various topics of  Linux.


Kanchi Lug Stalls

OpenOffice Writer :

Yaassir arrafath, Elango

OpenOffice Calc :

Rajkumar , Bala krishnan

OpenOffice Impress :

Athi, Jegan

Gimp :

Praveen , Priya , Udhaya

Inkscape :

Dasthgeer , Arulalan

Glade with Ruby :


Glade with Python :


Ruby :

Nandhakumar , Loganathan

SFD T-Shirts Sale Incharge :


and i supported to all of us ( kanchilug) stalls as a backup .


College Of Engineering , Guindy Students

a) Equivalent software windows Vs Linux

b) 2Dto 3D modeling

Kongu Linux User Group Students

These Students came from Erode to participate in SFD…. ( Really Great )

a) Various Desktop Environments ( Gnome, Kde, Xfce , Lwde)


Dhana Lakshmi Engg College Students :

a) OpenCV ( Open Computer Vision ) projects

we really surprised by seeing OpenCV ….

They did,  Face Detection Project Using OpenCv Library.

AVIT College Students :

a) LTSP  ( Linux Terminal Server Project )

They make LTSP in Fedora11.

b) Virtual OS

c) Networking ( SAMBA , RSYNC )

MIT Students  :

a) Multimedia

They explained about various audio and video players

Kamban Engg College , Thiruvannamalai Students :

a) Arduino

These explained their projects used bt Arduino …

1. Automatic Door Lock & Unlock

2. Automatic Water Tank Control

The surprise thing is , Hod Of Kamban Colll , Mr. Jothy also attend SFD in Chennai with his Students… ( Superb HOD)

Jaya Foss Club Students :

From jaya Engg college , many students explained many things . . .

a) Educational Tools In Linux

They showed demo on  Chemistry , Physics , Maths tools for 12 th standard syllabus .

b) CMS  ( Content Management System )

Joomla  ,  Drupal  ,  WordPress

c) Scientific Python Tools

More than 52 students were participated in SFD as volunteer  ( put stalls in sfd )


Many people were came to SFD festival .

Around 10.30 am , Mr. Ravi jaya gave a wonderful talk about FOSS to public in auditorium.

The interesting thing is , from  Pallavan Engineering College ( Kanchipuram ) MCA students were visited SFD.

More than 75 students were came and visited all stalls …

Mr. Raman gave a wonderful speech about FOSS to Pallavan college Students…

Those students were realized about FOSS by his Speech.

After noon ilugc ( Indian Linux User Group Chennai ) Organizing group provided Lunch to all of us .   ( Thanks to them )

After noon also more public visited stalls… At last all students were visited other students stalls .

Finally , evening 4.30 pm all stalls were closed …

Thanks to

Mr.Bharathi , Mr. Raman ,  Mr.Ravi jaya, Mr.Thiyagarajan , Mr. Asokan , Mr.Baskar, Mr.Thangamani , Mr.Saravanan, Mr.Thanigarajan , Mr.Shrinivasan ( ilugc members)

all these people were supported in many ways to make this Software Freedom Day as a wonderful day.

also we ( KanchiLug) thanks to Mr.Raman and Mr.Bharathi to  gave the wonderful opportunity  to take classes on SFD …

To view SFD Aricle in Tamil , download it from here  . . .

Link :

thanks to all…..

Yaassir arrafath.A

FOSS EXPO ‘09 in Kamban Engg College :

Hai friends,

sep 1oth , 11th and 12th , Kamban Engg College students were done a great job in their  Linux Expo 2009.

on 10 th,

Students were shown their projects demo in stall session.

on that day Mr.Asokan ( consultant) came as Chief Guest and Visited students Linux Projects stalls.

from various colleges and scholl students were visited this expo demo stalls.

On 11th,

Stalls were running as usual.

at the same time , Mr.Asokan was taking intro class on ” PYTHON ” Language to students.

and afternoon , Mr.Raman gave intro class on “PERL” Language .

On 12 th,

Mr.Prabhu Ramachandran Ph.d.,(IIT,Bombay) founder of ilugc (Chennai LUG) , visited as chief guest to kamban coll students EXPO.

The interesting thing is , he was created one software namely called as “ MAYAVI “  before 10years.

this software can draw  3D image automatically for physics and maths theorems and formulas.

proud thing is , this software is available in  Debian and Ubuntu repository packages.

first Indian software in Linux.

He gave an intro talk about ” MAYAVI” .

on 12 th ,  from KANCHI LINUX USER GROUP MEMBER , students were went to kamban college and attend classes and gone through all those students Linux Projects.

Our Guys :     20 people

Rajkumar, Dasthageer, Logesh , Manikandan , Vishnu , Selvamani , Karthik , Suresh , SAnkar , Ezhil , Athi , Jegan , Arulalan, Elango , Nandhakumar , Manikandan, praveen and myself (Yaasssir arrafath)

also Thanigai anna and Shrinivasan.

Then , Mr.Raman sir gave a wonderful call on LTSP. And Mr.Baskar sir and Mr.Thiyagarajan sir gave an intro about ” Ruby on Rails “.

This is Photo Gallery  of EXPO ‘09 students projects …. Nearly 40  Stalls . . . ( 40 Projects in Linux )

All these students projects are guided by Mr.Thiyagarajan. also Mr.Jothi (HOD of CSC, Kamaban colle) is supporting to FOSS students projetcs. the most important thing is without Management support , this Foss Expo cant achieve . also non-teaching staffs were helped .

Thanks to all of them.

we improved our few knowledge , also we seen many creativity students projects.

Really superb students.

more than 6000 visitors are seen this FOSS EXPO ‘09  students Projects

thanks to Kamban engineering college & Kanchi lug…….

Yaassir arrafath

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